The Bridge Inn, Michaelchurch Escley


The Bridge Inn is in Michaelchurch Escley, about 8 miles from Dorstone. As the name suggests, it’s by a river, so in summer it’s lovely setting if the weather is kind enough to allow sitting outside. Inside it feels cosy with it’s low ceilings, hop-covered beams and impressive stone fireplace. It also feels cosy as people tend to gather around the small bar to choose from the local ales on tap (Butty Bach included).

I am always impressed by the food at the Bridge, not least because it emerges from the tiniest kitchen imaginable. It is currently run by a local chap and his Colombian wife and the menu reflects this: some ‘traditional pub’ items with lovely local meats, alongside some more worldly adventurous items. The menu changes, but the last thing I had there was the “Singapore Sling” – a wonderful fish and shellfish Asian-inspired dish. Others round the table had meat pies, special-looking stews and even lobster.

As much as I love this pub, there is one small practical issue – that of the actual bridge! On New Years Eve we drove to the pub and left the car there overnight. Returning the next day to collect the car, we found the river had risen so much to make the bridge impassable!  (The only way out of the car park is via this bridge.) We sat it out and the water subsided over a few hours – it was still worth the trouble just to experience to Singapore Sling.

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