Pony Trekking in the Llanthony Valley

There are two pony trekking centres in the Llanthony Valley that I’d happily recommend.

One is Trevelog Farm, who we have ridden with countless times over the years. In fact, when we first started going, all 3 Connor children were so small we were put on the same horse (at least I’m told that our size was the reason, not just Dad trying to get a discount!). Now we go for a whole horse each, and Vicky and her team always do well to accommodate riders of different experience.

Tel no: 01873 890216
Website: www.ponytrekking.net

The other place is Llanthony Riding, who I rode with for the first time with 3 friends in Sept 2012. Having booked onto the group ride we were lucky to find ourselves the only ones there, so effectively we had a private session. Furthermore, our two guides split the group for a short while so the experienced two of the group could get a canter out of their systems, while the two beginners were given some tuition and allowed to ease into it. A really enjoyable day all round.

Tel no: 01873 890 359
Website: www.llanthonyriding.co.uk

Trekking with Trevelog

Lynne Connor
Jan 2013

1 thought on “Pony Trekking in the Llanthony Valley

  1. Lynne Connor Post author

    Update Jan 2014 – we’ve heard that Llanthony Riding has recently closed down; I’m not sure if anyone is taking it over or if it’s closed for good…


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